Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Financial Growth

This post is off the top of my head, so walk with me as I think...aloud.

My best friend and I just started having "meetings" via yahoo IM to discuss life. Life goals and how we are to go about accomplishing these tasks. Most of my goals are financial. At 27, I am nowhere near where I want or hoped to have been financially.  The beauty is, I am young enough to change that.  I want to share my financial journeys in hopes that it will not only help keep me accountable but help somebody that needs to help themselves financially.

I searched for financial blogs geared toward Black women....... didn't find any.  Funny.  An article I read recently put the average net worth for today's sista at a whopping $100.  Add our cars, if we own one, and it may go up to $5000.  Now, if $100 is the average, how many of us have a negative net worth?  So why don't we have any financial blogs for us?  If there are some, please point me in their direction. This sh*t is making me nervous but they say being nervous means you're doing something right, right?  Do what scares you.  Putting myself on a budget scares me.  So much so, I asked my friend if I can call it a "spending plan" just to make me feel better.  Hope that works. 

They say the best way to become financially fit, to straighten up these tangled wires in our finances is to seek advice.  I've found some quotes that I am going to use to keep myself in check.  Even found a net worth and budgeting worksheets that I will share with you.  I don't know if I will give y'all the details of my finances but... I will definitely share the journey.  Maybe I'll call the posts "Mind on My Money" with whatever subtitle works for that day. *shrug* Who knows?  I will be sharing some of my goals, starting with becoming financially stable.  I'm not as bad as I was (and trust me... I was horrible with money) but nothing is planned.  I spend as I go and when it's time to look at where it went, I don't.  That makes me still kind of bad with the green.

My ultimate goal is to make sure my children's children's children have nothing to worry about.  Other races pass money down from generation to generation. Not enough black people do that.

So take this ride with me to a future of prosperity and wealth and FREEDOM!!!

Next time on My Mind on My Money... DEBT! (yeah, I said it.)