Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Community: Who Do You Think You're Fooling?

**I wrote this this past weekend after hearing some disturbing info on the Aiyanna Jones case.  Excuse the delay in posting.**

One of my biggest pet peeves is having my intelligence insulted.  I can't stand when men do it, go off when the job does it, and find myself pissed beyond relief when "authority figures" (i.e. government and police) insult the intelligence of a race.  The police... this whole Aiyanna Jones issue is getting out of hand and I just want to know who in the hell does the Detroit Police Department think they're fooling?
If you haven't heard about Aiyanna Jones, I am not surprised.  The media, at least nationally, doesn't cover this story.  You won't see this innocent child's face on Nancy Grace either.  Don't worry, I'll break this down as briefly as I can.  The incident happened early, extremely early, Sunday, May 16th.  Detroit Police raided a duplex in search of a suspect in a murder case of 17 year old, Jerean Blake.  During the raid, seven year old Aiyanna Jones was shot and killed.  At first, all of the info was sketchy.  It was said in the beginning, that police had a struggle with Aiyanna's grandmother, Mertilla Jones, resulting in the accidental discharge of the officers weapon.  Then the truth came out.  First 48, a series on A&E, was taping the Detroit Police Department the night of the raid.  There was no struggle at all with Ms. Jones.  The DPD had been caught on tape attempting to cover up this crime!  Blame grandma.  Then it came out that the DPD had the wrong apartment/unit.  The suspect was apprehended upstairs.  The tape recorded by First 48 showed DPD throwing a flash grenade through the front window onto the couch that Aiyanna and Ms. Jones were sleeping on.  The tape also showed an officer firing a shot before even entering the apartment.  That shot killed Aiyanna.  After an autopsy, it was concluded that the bullet entered Aiyanna's neck and exited her neck.  Now, sources (most likely sources at DPD) are naming Charles Jones, Aiyanna's father, as a suspect in the Jerean Blake case.  So, again, who does the Detroit Police Department think they are fooling?

Blame it on the grandmother.  The first excuse of the DPD was to basically say, 'If grandma hadn't jumped up her grandbaby would still be alive.'  Struggle or no struggle, are you trying to tell me that this officer is not capable of controlling his own weapon.  Ms. Jones would've been tackled as soon as she touched the officer.  I mean, they shoot before entering the house, it makes sense to believe that a struggle would've been halted before it even jumped off.

Charles Jones is now a suspect in a murder case in which the desired suspect has already been arrested.  I'm going to tell you exactly what this is.  Another cover up!!!  One more attempt to blame the death of this child on anybody but those responsible, THE DETROIT POLICE DEPARTMENT!!!  Please know and understand that the police have probably pressured the original suspect of Jerean Blake's case into cooking up a story involving Charles Jones.  If this works, DPD will say Mr. Jones was an accomplice, that's how they ended up at the wrong unit, and that's how Aiyanna ended up shot.  This blatantly disrespectful and dehumanizing. Who do y'all think you are fooling?!?!?! 

US.  That's right.  The police and media know that a large majority of us will ignore this tragedy because it isn't us.  It isn't being blasted on BET.  It's not your child.  As long as it isn't on our front door, then it's all good.  And as long as we continue to have that mentality, we'll continued to be fooled... and ignored. If you haven't, sign the petition to release the video recorded by First 48.  It takes two minutes, if that, to go to http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/aiyanajones and sign this petition. 

We have to stop letting the media, police, and government pull the wool over our eyes.  There is something brewing, it's going to be ugly, and if we don't stand now, we will not be prepared.

Friday, June 4, 2010


A change is coming to the Goddess Project... Actually, a few changes. Bare with me.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Affirmingly Creating Our Lives

All right! I have been on a positive kick for a grip and now it's time to give you some positivity. Lately, I have been reading, hearing, and knowing that our lives our a result of our thoughts, words, and deeds. We create our lives. The love we want, we bring into our lives. The career that holds our attention and passion, we created. The money in our bank account. The car we drive. The job we complain about. All of it, each and everything that is happening in this time on this earth, we asked for and got.

For the past MONTH, I have been attempting to create affirmations to effect change in this life of mine. Everyday I look at this phone and ignore the reminder on the bottom telling me to create said affirmations. Subconsciously, I think I am afraid of the good these affirmations may do. Afraid of good? YES!!! Sometimes we get so comfortable and complacent in our lives that to do more... to receive more gives us an uneasy feeling. So this is what I learned about affirmations and by my next entry, I will have some to share with you.


What do you want? From a new car (which is on my list) to the wealth of Bill Gates, you have to know specifically what it is that you want to happen. You have to know and you have to be willing to prepare to receive and maintain it. No general ideas. See and visualize the color, smell, feel, taste... whatever it takes for your mind to recognize your desire. You have to be able to call out what you are trying to encourage in your life.


When you're ready to write you affirmations down, use all affirming or positive words. 'Not', 'won't', 'can't', are all negative. Saying "I won't gain any weight" will only cause you to gain weight. Use 'am' and 'have'. These are "now" words and will cause you mind and the universe to believe as if it already is. "I am losing weight," will get those pounds off. "I am confident in my power." Speak and think as if it already is. 'Will' and 'going' are future words. They will always delay your desire because your mind will always think it's going to happen instead of it is happening.


Say it out loud. The sound of your voice will only drive home what you are creating in your life. Shout it. Scream it. Whisper it, if in public. Just let your voice be heard. It's also good to say your affirmations aloud, in front of a mirror. Give yourself plenty of eye contact and repeat each affirmation at least three times... more for the ones you really want to happen ASAP. Your mind will see your face, your lips and voice forming these words and will eventually bow down to your will. It will feel hell uh weird at first but how bad do we want change. I'm sure embarrassing ourselves in front of ourselves is worth an abundant life.

What are some of your affirmations? Which have worked? What hasn't? What other affirming practices do you use?

Divinely Thinking,